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    Agastya Buoyant is committed for designing and developing trash boom for the Clean Ganga Mission drive under the Government of India through its rich technical skills acquired and resource developed.

    With the activities for the water surface cleaning has already been started since January 2016 for the River Ganga under the supervision of National Mission for Clean Ganga on different scale using appropriate technologies, Agastya Buoyant has proudly recommended the necessity of trash boom for the above requirement in addition to the skimmers being deployed to enhance the efficiency of the cleaning. The home grown trash boom is required for the River Ganga which could save a lot of foreign currency and as well as could bring out customized product for different scenarios and some could be derived out of necessity in the coming future. This would also help in upgrading the technology once deployed in the field at any moment of time without replacing the complete setup thus would further create more financial and time saving for NMCG.

Underwater Salvaging

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Agastya Buoyant is looking forward in revolutionizing the underwater salvaging system among the fishing communities in India which has always been deprived with newer technologies.

  • Till today, the recovery activity for sunken articles (Such as trawlers, anchor, small boats etc) are done using the PVC drums
  • Most of the trawlers and other articles sunk aren't recovered, if done takes one week to one month time
  • Due to prolong siltation on the articles, if recovered aren't in the condition to be reused
  • Unrecovered trawlers create environment pollution due to oil spill from the engine or oil storage tanks sunken
  • 90% of the material sourced in India making it an indigenous product.

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